What Are the Different Types of Magic?

Magicians have been entertaining us for centuries with card tricks, escaping from various locked items and even pulling rabbits out of hats. You may think to yourself that magic is just magic and that there isn’t any difference between one trick and another, but there is. There are four basic types of magic:

• Sleight of hand
• Club or platform acts
• Escape magic or Escapology
• Mentalism ~ mind-reading

Each of these types can be broken down into other sections of magic as well. But what are these four main types of magic? How are they different from each other?

Sleight of hand

This type of magic has also been called prestidigitation and it is a technique used by magicians the world over to set up and produce the effect they are looking for in their tricks. It is used in conjunction with different skills such as misdirection to produce the desired effect in the trick. Card tricks and close up magic are mostly used but it can be used in most any magic including stage magic. There are various different types of sleights and they are broken into groups as well.

Club or platform and stage acts

This type of magic that is performed in clubs or on stage is usually performed for medium to large crowds. They encompass stage illusions with a sprinkling of other types of magic tossed in for good measure every now and then. Most tricks performed by these magicians are angle sensitive and would be hard to perform as a close-up magician. Club magicians will however encompass some close-up into their acts to add that extra “wow” to the act.

Escape magic or escapology

Escapology has been around for a very long time and is the practice of escaping from restraints and objects. Escapologists, as the artists are called, will escape from everything from handcuffs to burning buildings or any combination thereof. It was originally used to secretly create illusions during other magic acts like disappearance or transmutation. Harry Houdini made a name for himself being a well-known escapologist. Now magicians that use this practice are taking it farther and farther as to what they can escape out of.


Mentalism is the act or illusion of mind reading. Mentalists have been practicing as early on as 1572. But can be traced back further counting seers and Oracles in Ancient Greece and the Old Testament of the Bible. Mentalists have sometimes been called psychic entertainers; they appear to use telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, hypnosis, and much more to read the minds of their audience and tell them what they are thinking. One of the most well-known magicians of this century is Derren Brown who has performed mind reading on whole audiences.

Magicians will combine several types of magic in their acts to create a wonderful show making the audience happy and have them wondering, “How did they do that?” Tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat, card tricks, levitation, and many more types of magic tricks, are still being used. These tricks are also being tailored to audiences and given upgrades for the times as well.

Comic Books and their Superheroes

Without superheroes or villains we wouldn’t have great comic books – they would be dull and boring. A superhero is a character that is dedicated to protecting the public from villains and their minions. We can’t look at superheroes without looking at super heroines as well, as they also fight villains and maybe the occasional villainess.

Superheroes and heroines have for years used their abilities to fight crime and to help law enforcement agencies cut down on crime. All superheroes have their main supervillain to fight; their nemesis as it were, whether it is Lex Luthor, Galactus, Magneto, Dr Doom or The Joker. Superheroes have been fighting in comic books and making them what they are since at least 1916.

There are many, many superheroes but there are some that stand out more than others. We give them TV shows, movies, toys, and video games to show our love and admiration for them. These are some of the most celebrated and well known superheroes known in the comic book world. We have listed only a few and they are in no particular order.

Superman- He is thought of as the major player in comic book history. He was one of the first big comic book heroes, and brought about the superheroes that followed him. Superman has been around for decades and is still going strong. With movies, TV shows, action figures and much more, The Man of Steel is of historical importance in the comic book world.

Spiderman- This web-slinging, wall-crawling superhero was, with Superman, one of the first superheroes. He is loved the world over and has tons of fans. Like superman he has action figures and movies. This is one superhero that fans will be reading comics about for decades to come.

Batman – the Dark Knight has been around for decades saving us from many different villains in Gotham City. His dark character intrigues us, and Batman, unlike some superheroes, has no true super powers. He has come by his powers through science, technology, intellect, and physical prowess. He will be around for decades as we dream about being him, with movies and other items to remind us of him.

The Hulk- This angry green man has been a superhero we all have been able to relate to. We all want to lose control and be angry sometimes. The Hulk uses his anger to fight villains and crime before turning back into his alter ego. He has had movies, video games, comics and cartoons made about him and toys made of him. He is one of our most beloved comic book heroes and will be around for years to come.

Wonder Woman- The most well-known female superhero has had many different looks throughout her history. Women and girls want to be her because she is a character that we can be proud of and look up to. She has had her own TV show and has been in the Justice League of America as well. She is always remembered as a hero in the comic book world.

There are many more heroes and heroines in the comic book world that help save us from the evils of crime every day. These are just a few of the greats that help to start out the industry; without them comic books wouldn’t be what they are today.

Who Are The Most Well Known Magicians?

Magic is something that most everyone loves to watch; from big illusions to close-up there is just something about magic that brings out the kid in us. There have been magicians come and go but some have touched our hearts more than others. Some have been credited with certain things and one has even been in the Guinness Book of World Records. So who are these magicians and what are they known for?

Harry Houdini – He is arguably the most famous magician of all times and is a household name when it comes to magic. He was an exceptional escapologist. He was born Ehrich Weiss but named himself after the famous French magician Jean Eugene Robert Houdin. Weiss added an “i” to the end of Houdin to imply that he was like Houdin.

David Copperfield- He is one of the best known magicians in the world. He is talented, skilled and a very popular entertainer. He is able to adapt to the changing times and he does all types of magic from illusion to close-up. His theatrical presence is one that rivals even plays in New York on Broadway.

Siegfried and Roy – This pair of entertainers were known for their work with the gorgeous big cats that they took care of. If you’re a magician working in Las Vegas you can thank Siegfried and Roy for it because they paved the way.

Lance Burton – He has won FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies) and appeared in many of his own TV specials. He is one of the many skilled magicians that work in Las Vegas.

David Blaine- He is well known for his well promoted physical stunts. He is also well known for his street magic and is the most recognizable magician next to David Copperfield.

Penn & Teller– The comedic and amazing styles of Penn and Teller work well in Las Vegas. They have also had their own TV shows and specials. They do things that are cool and edgy and are two of the most respected magicians to date.

Mark Wilson- He pioneered the presentation of magic on TV. Not only was he a Las Vegas headliner but he worked as a magic consultant for many television shows.

Harry Anderson- Not just a judge on Night Court and a well-known TV star, he also created and showed off his conman persona in comedy clubs and night clubs as well as in his own TV specials.

Jeff McBride – McBride is not only an amazing magician; he is a teacher of magic as well. McBride is a well-respected magic expert and skilled manipulator; he tours in his own show as well as appearing in Vegas as well. His is well known for his mask and card manipulation.

Ricky Jay- This magician is listed in the Guinness book of World Records for throwing a playing card 190 feet at 90 miles per hour. He is a master manipulator of cards as well. It has also been said that he is “one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artists to ever fool and wow an audience.”

Franz Harary- He is best known for his large scale illusions such as the vanishing of the space shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center for an NBC special. He does work worldwide with numerous celebrities and musical stars.

Each and every one of these magicians and manipulators is an amazing entertainer in their own right. Seeing them perform their art either on television or in person is a thrill in itself. Magic still makes even the oldest of us feel childlike.

Comics and Technology

Comics are an important part of the American culture. Some people are addicted to the small strips that appear in the daily newspaper. Others take is a step further and read entire books that are completely dedicated to comics.

The people who truly love comics do not just read the comics, they live them. These individuals go to conventions where they can meet the creators of their favorite characters as well as other comic enthusiasts. Not only do these individuals read the comics, they spend a great deal of time trying to locate and purchase collectors issues of specific items. Some of the books can be really valuable and turn into investments.

Changes in technology have many comic enthusiasts concerned. Thanks to things like Kindle and NookBook Reader there is a really good chance that books could eventually be phased out and replaced with electronic versions. This has comic enthusiast very worried. If books disappear, what will happen to the comic books that they love?

The sad reality is that if the electronic reading devices really do become as popular as they look, the comic books will probably become obsolete. This is not an altogether bad thing. As comic books become digital, things could really start to change. The first thing that could happen is that the comics will actually become more visually interesting. It has not happened yet, but there is a good chance that the strips will actually become interactive, allowing the people who already love the strips to actually become a part of them.

One of the changes that some people expect to see is that the animation will improve. Being electronic means the artists will be able to do some more things with their art work. They will be able to add some depth and texture to their sketches that they have never been able to do before. It is also possible that the drawings could actually take life. As the devices that people use to read their comics improve, so will their options and many people believe that it is only a matter of time before the drawings and sketches become animated, bearing more of a resemblance to cartoons than comic strips.

Even though the entire world has not converted over to electronic comics yet, the change has started. There are even reading aps, called Comical that comic lovers can use to improve their comic reading experience. The software allows the reader to access comics from all over the web. The software is designed to read a variety of formats including .rar,.cbz,.cbr, and.zip.

It is going to be important for people to hang onto their print copies of their comic books. If books become obsolete the demand for the print versions could increase. The harder it becomes to find the print version of things means the more the ones that already exist are going to increase in value. Even books that do not have much of a value right could be worth a decent amount of money in the future. Comic book owners should not expect the value of their books to just skyrocket. It is going to take some time.

Tips For Choosing An Online Poker Game And Table

There are thousands of online poker players wanting to avail the attractive prizes offered by the increasing number of rooms launched on the net everyday. However, for those new to the online casino world, it can be a bit confusing to pick and choose a good online poker game and table for regular sport.

So, if you too are looking for a fun and challenging game and want to know where to begin for multiplying your chances of excitement and earning from playing your favorite card game, just read through the article below for practical tips on choosing a good virtual poker room.

First, you’ve got to decide which type of game you like the best before you bet any money on it by signing up for an account with an online poker room. So, decide from Texas Hold’em, Omara, Stud or any other version of the game you most like and learn up the rules for that game.

Start by using play money for making bets in your chosen poker game so you learn how to apply the rules during the course of the game and pick up intricacies and opponent strategies before using (and losing) real money.

Then, concentrate on building up discipline for online gaming, which requires proper bankroll management, such as having the required number of buy-ins for a no limit poker game and playing only with what you can afford to lose. (This is of course a mental exercise that helps beginner poker players apply a strict control over their game finances so when they play with real money after gaining necessary experience, they resist the temptation to overspend). For example, good bankroll management requires that you have at least 20 buy-ins for a no limit game as the maximum buy-in for a fixed table will be the blind multiplied by hundred.

For absolute beginners, there are poker tables on the net at 0.10-0.25$ or 10-25 cents, called the 25$ max tables. Here the big blind will be placed at 25cents, thus the buy-in will be 25$ (which is 25x100times), as per the rule mentioned earlier. For this kind of game, new players must have $500 in their account so ensure this before you start planning your game strategy.

The next issue that should be considered in choosing an online poker gaming table is the number of players seated there. For absolute beginners, this number is best limited to nine or ten instead of just five or six as smaller numbers at the table mean more rapid action, brought on by aggressive play, which is best avoided by those learning the game.

However, once you have gained more experience, you can switch to the poker tables seating fewer players.

It is also a smart decision to pick an online pokerstar table that allows you to check the statistics; these figures are usually displayed along with the list of virtual tables available. You can determine this by judging the average pot size, which will inform you about the aggression levels of the game: the higher the average pot is, the greater your chance of winning big money!!

The other criteria for picking a good poker table on the net is how rapidly the game progresses: this can be determined by checking the number of hands played in one hour.

So, collate all the above given tips and apply the information gathered from reputed poker rooms before selecting a virtual chair for your favorite online card game and you are sure to enjoy your ‘net’ profits from the time invested in playing in a good online casino!

Get Help With Poker Gaming Problems And Be A Responsible Player

Most serious poker players are aware that uncontrolled gaming can develop into a big problem if the hobby or profession is not managed in a responsible manner, clouding over priorities like proper diet, exercise, personal relations and even bring about bankruptcy and psychological breakdown. This is why there is a strong need to educate poker gaming enthusiasts about gambling problems and how to get help for it so they can learn to be responsible players.

This article deals with reliable sources of help for problem gamers, especially players, which is a fun and exciting hobby that can help one earn money quickly but should be practiced in a controlled manner to avoid becoming a health hazard.

To avoid being struck by this flip side of a nice and profitable hobby, poker players need to exercise caution and good sense in controlling excessive gaming that can lead to addiction, neglecting proper social etiquette and financial losses. All of these are major adverse effects of uncontrolled poker gambling and players should be made aware of these problems so they can get timely and qualified counseling for themselves or someone they know as having a gambling problem.

In fact, since most poker players don’t like to admit to having a gaming problem especially when they are winning big in their games, help is closer at hand than many think! Yes, we are talking about getting help from Online Gamers Anonymous, a counseling group that functions over the internet and is similar to AA (for Alcoholics Anonymous). Since the player experiencing a gambling problem can choose not to disclose his or her identity, the anonymity helps the individual to get the immediate psychological guidance required in a timely manner to treat the condition before it develops into a full blown addiction issue.

This unique counseling group for gambling addicts called Online Gamers Anonymous advises poker enthusiasts to start playing only after coming of legal age and never to use credit cards to pay for gaming deposits since the lure of having easy sign up credit line at hand has often resulted in building debts for a player rather than helping reduce them.

To avoid a poker gambling addiction, this online gaming support group advices players to take short breaks of five minutes for every hour they play poker as this will help them set their priorities straight. This short time out during gaming sessions also enables players to find out how they are feeling about the game and if they are confident only then should they sit down to play further.

It is also important to set the limits for every game prior to sitting down at it advice gambling de-addiction counselors who realize the necessity for a player to not only have a cash limit but also a time limit so neither financial nor physical discomfort is more than a player can bear at the moment. Thus, it is a smart choice to play poker at websites that offer software tools to help players determine a game limit for their maximum deposit amount on a daily basis or even per wager. This allows a player to quit the game before getting in too deep, which only triggers off the endless cycle of losing then playing more to make up for the losses and ending up losing it all because of the tension.

Finally, if players cannot stick with the above strategy for controlling their poker gaming enthusiasm, they are advised to ask their online poker room to block them out for a short period (till they feel more in control of their decisions).

Starter’s Guide For Poker

Looking for a great past time with something for your pocket. You can try playing poker and you’ll definitely get hooked to it. There are different things that make poker interesting. For one, it has an easy gameplay that allows any type of player. It can be played as leisure full tilt poker game or as a tournament where you’ll try to best a group of players. Either way this card game provides an unusual experience that proves to be worthwhile. More often than not, you have come to poker because of the celebrity poker games shown on TV. These TV shows have made the game a lot easier especially for starters.

If you are just trying to start out your luck in poker, you’ll probably need some pointers to help you get used with its tricks. Here are some of useful tips straight from the experts for all newbie poker players.

First, you should never allow the game and the players to overwhelm you because you are just a starter. Although poker is not purely a game of luck, you can get your way through it with little practice. Never allow old time players to intimidate you while on play. This often affects the way you make decisions thereby distracting you. In the end, you leave the table broke. It is quite frustrating at the beginning and this feeling is very normal. Take note that first-rate players, themselves, have felt exactly the same way. There are different ways to get through the game. Simply remember that the game is a fair ground where experience does not play a huge factor. Poker is a kind of that requires your ability to outplay the strategies of your opponent. You can either play online or at local casinos and the crowd is almost the same. They come from one brand of people – the luck lovers. Rarely can you find a smart player on poker tables.

Second, get accustomed with the game by watching other players do the tricks. Have you ever tried sitting behind a poker champion? If yes, then you might have seen how he bluffs and folds and raises bets and quits the game. Expert card players have a unique style in playing that they have developed over time. Some are fond at playing bluffs while others prefer playing safe. Staying close with them and observing how they play will definitely equip your arsenal of poker strategies.

Third, know the ins and outs of poker. There are lots of tricks that you will encounter throughout the game and they will become apparent as you play the game more often. Online poker is a great way of getting into the game. There is a welcoming ambiance in most of the sites and you can find games that are especially intended for newbie players. You can make the most out of new sites that offer a starter’s bonus. Some are gaining more out of joining these trial sites. The secret in the game is that you make the most out of the promo period then run away with some bucks.

These strategies will help you start out in this card game and hopefully one day, you’ll become a poker champion.

Poker Rules For Texas Holdem Games

Online poker enthusiasts would do well to learn the rules of the game of their choice before signing up for any poker room offering standard games or variations to them because it is just as easy to lose a bankroll in Internet casinos as it is building one. Though poker rules vary for each game, the basics of betting rounds, the raises you do and the hand values usually adhere to the same principles.

Thus, smart online gamblers who like Texas Hold’em Poker would do well to study the rules for the basic game as well as any variations they like in order to learn about the specific betting structure this game follows. Then be it fixed-limit, pot-limit or even the no-limit variety that they like most, they can improve their Hold’em results with each game played!

Finally, it is best to play with virtual money before playing the Texas Hold’em game with real money so you get enough time to try out all the steps and strategies given below, according to the rules. Knowing the rules will help you prepare a winning strategy, so take out the time to memorize these Texas Hold’em rules given below and you can look forward to hours of fun, excitement and challenges – not to mention tournament money or promotion deals – when you sign up with the biggest poker rooms online to play for real money!

* Remember that Texas Hold ‘Em poker games all have 7 rules common to them, which apply to every beginner who, having memorized these can start playing immediately. However, there are both simple moves one needs to master and complex strategies that a beginner needs to understand in order to move up to the intermediate level.

* In every Texas Hold’em game there will be a disc known as the dealer, which relays where a certain card would be processed. But, two players situated to the left side of the button are required to place live bets (known as small and large blinds since this action takes place before cards are seen) before you get your turn.

* When two cards are placed face down per each player in the game, it is said to have begun. However, the real action starts when the betting round (starting left of blind betting and moving clockwise) is complete.

* Players who can choose to bet, check or raise on their turn; some may decide to fold also. All are legitimate moves and except for the big blind, which allows the player choosing to do so to avail last action results for checking or raising the bet, these choices work to accelerate the pace of the game.

* Next, the processing of three community cards is carried out with all facing upwards and laid out in the middle of the betting table. In this segment of the Texas Hold’em game, the first round is started by the player seated at the dealer button’s left side, post one round of betting.

* Eventually, the processing is done and all players in the game are expected to participate in a final betting round after which, those left in the hand are required to show their card.

* The winner receives the hand pot based on the best combination of hole and community cards used to produce the best five-card poker hand at the end of the game.

Going Cyber: the Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

Online casinos are, along with blogs and social networking sites, counted among the rising trends on the Internet. Online poker may not be making as big of a splash as, say, Twitter, but they are a very significant trend in the gambling world. This article examines some of the good and bad points of the rise of online casinos.

The Pros

One of the great things about online gambling is the sheer convenience. You can simply gamble from your house. There is no need to arrange a trip to the nearest casino, so therefore you do not need to block off huge amounts of time for travel, or set aside money for gas and/or accommodation. You can simply squeeze in a few sessions in the evenings. Actually, some gambling sites will even offer special promos for playing on a weekday, so being able to gamble from home can save you even more money.

Furthermore, gambling online might actually improve your game, particularly if you happen to be a shy person. At home, you will not have to contend with the presence of intimidating opponents, or be distracted by the noise and glitter of casino surroundings. Moreover, you can feel more comfortable using blackjack strategy cards and other aids that you might feel hesitant to pull out in the middle of a live casino. If you happen to be playing against a program, you can also take as long as you like to make choices. You do not need to worry about a dealer or fellow player becoming impatient with you. Some sites, particularly those devoted to poker, might even go out of their way to train you. Poker tutorials are often available on Rushmore Casino, and in exceptional cases, there may be a poker expert around to answer your questions.

For those who prefer not to risk their money, many online casinos also offer their games in a “for fun” version. You do not risk money, but of course, you cannot win money either. Still, some players would not have it any other way.

The Cons

The very fact that an online casino can be accessed by people from everywhere causes complications concerning law and jurisdiction. In a land-based casino, one simply follows the rules in the place where the casino is located. However, if you play in an online casino, you must follow the rules of the casino itself, plus the laws of whatever place you happen to live in. This can be a huge difficulty for American players in particular, as laws vary from state to state. Pker websites have an especially ambiguous place legally, since legislators are often unsure about how to treat bingo in comparison to “normal” casino games.

In addition, there is the fact that customer service is not “instant.” You might need to wait several days for an email response, or to call only to find that the line is always busy.

Then there is the matter of wanting to gamble in several establishments. As far as land-based casinos go, you can simply hop from one to the other. Online casinos, however, often require you to set up an account.

Given these pros and cons, it is up to you to make an informed decision about what type of gambling (live or online) you prefer, or whether you want to balance out both types in your gaming.

A Career in Comic Strips

People love the comic strips that run in the weekly paper. The reason for this live is simple. The paper is full of articles and stories about a world that seems to be going horribly wrong. Most of what is printed is depressing and full of gloom. There are even some days that the Sports section seems to be depressing. The comic strips are the one exception. The comics are happy and ridiculous, and provide the reader with a brief respite from reality.

Many kids dream of becoming cartoonist and creating their own daily comic strips. As the child gets older most of them out grow the dream and pursue other career options, but a few people still pursue comic strips. These individuals quickly learn that they have not picked the easiest of careers. Creating a comic strip is hard enough, but trying to create one that is fresh and bright day in and day out is more than most people can handle.

There are several things that anyone who wants to create comic strips for a living need to think about before they commit themselves to this particular type of career.

Anyone who is interested in creating comic strips needs to be good at handling both rejection and criticism. Both of these things are going to be what they encounter a lot, especially at the beginning of their career. Just because the individual’s friends and family members love their work it does not mean that the editorial department at the newspaper is going to agree.

Pitching a comic strip to a newspaper is hard work. Even if the newspaper staff loves the work and thinks that the artist has a great idea, they are going to be reluctant to run with it. Papers have a very limited amount of space that they are able to use for the strips. Adding one strip means that another strip will have to be pulled. It does not matter what strip the paper choose to eliminate, some of the readers are going to be angry at the chance.

Even though the cartoonist might dream about having their comic strip in all of the big papers around the world, they need to start small. Instead of pitching their strip idea to nationally syndicated papers, the cartoonist should focus on local markets.

If the cartoon gets picked up the real work is just beginning. Creating a weekly or even daily strip is a lot of work. The idea has to be fresh and the writing crisp all the time. Many cartoonish find that the demand of maintaining the strip is too much for them and they quit.
The individual really does need to think about alternative forms of earning a living. Even if the person is able to sell their strip to their local newspaper, it is going to be a long time before the strip is generating enough revenue for the person to live off of.

In addition to being a source of income, the other job will also prevent the person from looking themselves away in their studio. Getting out of the home and going to work means that the person will be interacting with other people which is one of the best ways to get new ideas for future comic strips.